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Settimio Benedusi was born in the province, under the gemini star sign. He spent his youth fucking around in an irresponsible and empty way. He pulled himself through various schools, he read here and there, giving himself a vague idea about everything, without ever deepening anything. At 12 he had his first camera, through which he thought he would make his adolescent days less dull. He dragged himself towards studying law, he moved to Milan, trying to make photography his profession. They were the mythical eighties and even a moron could find it easy to do something: in fact he did as well. A series of fortunate events made sure that he’d find himself in the right place at the right time, so he managed to do a little something here and there. After doing a few jobs as a photographer for some newspapers, he toured the world, presumptuously convinced that he was doing something dangerous and innovative, meanwhile being taken around like a milanese yuppie, which by the way he really was. In the end there is very little to say: he is a arsehole.

Settimio Benedusi was born across the sea, under the gemini star sign. Curiosity is one of his first memories, which he satisfied by going to the cinema (the cineforum with debate!), reading (Steinbeck, Andrea Pazienza, Calvino…) and listening to music (De Andrè!) like a madman. He attended classical high school. Thanks to his dad, at twelve years old, he became bewitched by photography. Even though he was attending a law degree at the university, towards his twenties he moved to Milan. The first years were difficult, but with constance and tenacity he became a professional photographer. Since the beginning he managed to publish for magazines and also to do some commercial jobs. He has been the only italian to participate for seven consecutive years to the production of the very renowned swim suit magazine Sports Illustrated. He has taken portraits of the whole italian gotha. He would like to be described like this: he never throw paper on the ground.