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We live images, and photography is the basis of this new way of living and communicating.

We all know how to write, but how many of us are authors or poets? We all take pictures, but how many are the authors of images?

NEVERENDINGPHOTOMASTERCLASS was created for this: to teach you to express yourself through images.

A project of Oliviero Toscani, NEVERENDINGPHOTOMASTERCLASS offers series of workshops lasting two to three days.

Every session focuses on photography mixed with related forms of creative expression.

All workshops are directed personally by Oliviero Toscani, together with his collaborators and other personalities representing fields such as graphic design, literature, cinema, music, contemporary art, journalism, criticism, psychology, sociology, entrepreneurship, new media and more.

NEVERENDINGPHOTOMASTERCLASS has no fixed base but takes place in different locations, wherever there exists the possibility of investigating a contemporary theme.

NEVERENDINGPHOTOMASTERCLASS includes practical photographic activities, analysis and discussion of the images produced, research into locations, individual presentations and critiques, finalization of projects and certification of participation.

Workshop places are limited.

Scholarships are available to students under 24.