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Marco Morosini was born in Pesaro (Italy) on 29.11.1972.
He studied at I.S.I.A in Urbino, (Italy) and at Fachhochscchule in Augsburg in Germany.
He worked in collaboration with No Frontiere Design in Vienna, then with Fabbrica the comunication research centre launched by Benetton and directed by master of Image Oliviero Toscani.
He traveled to New York with the master Oliviero Toscani to oversee Talk Magazine, an editorial project published by Miramax.
His personal art exhibitions uominiuomini were hosted in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
For its 30th anniversary, Morosini was the art director for “30 Ans de Liberation” the celebratory almanac of the french newspaper Liberation.

Electa Mondadori published his books of photography: “KOSOVARS Camp Hope”, “Divi di Rimini”, the story of lifeguards told through their faces “No Copyright, 252 royalty free pictures”, art photos for everyone to use.

In 2003 he became Art Director for Ferrari photobook “China Tour”, “Panamerican 20,000”, “Magic India Discovery” and “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi The Book” and architectural designer of the car international shows Ferrari and Maserati.

From 2012 to 2016, the Morosini’s Sudio care fittings and communication projects of the Ferrari museum in Maranello and the MEF, Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena.

In 2005 he created BRANDINA brand line of handbags and accessories made with the fabric of the sun beds on the Italian Riviera, destined from the beginning to become a must for the Design Bathing.

In November 2014 he inaugurated the art exhibition in Miami”The Art of Selling a Bag”, flying inspired the new dimension of art, design and trade. Part of the project is also a 45-minute documentary film and a photo book of 160 pages.

In 2016 he began to collaborate with Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturer of luxury automobiles, part of the Volkswagen group.

Today Marco Morosini’s work, in continuous expansion, is concentrated in the activities of Morosini’s Design Studio, of Brandina and Granarola Castle, a small village in the Marches, which is the the home for people from all over the world.

Each adventure is in accompained by Barbara and their daughter Margherita, always at his side!