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Grand Hotel – Rimini
25- 26 february 2017

Oliviero Toscani and Paolo Crepet
Marco Morosini
Settimo Benedusi

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IMAGINE is the first workshop of NEVERENDINGPHOTOMASTERCLASS, a project that is developed in different locations, all linked to major issues of the contemporary world.

IMAGINE explores aspects of photographing through the contamination of sociology and psychiatry, and results in the application of graphic images.

“Photography is like an exorcism. Primitive society had its masks, the aristocracy its mirrors, the bourgeoisie its paintings, we – the new artists – our photographs.
Photography does not take reality for its object. It turns reality into object. It regroups, one by one, all of reality’s dimensions: form, relief, movement, emotion, idea, feeling and desire. It is through the image that the world is imposed on us, and the surprise effect of this reversal is extraordinary.
Photography is the medium par excellence of that enormous advertisement the world makes for itself, forcing us to engage our imaginations, disguise our passions in disguise and question our morals and ethics.Through the image the world imposes its discontinuity and fragmentation. In this sense, photography is the purest form of communication, simulating neither time nor movement, operating in total stillness”.

Oliviero Toscani


The workshop will take place at the Grand Hotel Rimini (Parco Federico Fellini, 47291 Rimini) from 9.00am of February 25 to 5.30pm of February 26. It includes:

  • .Lectures held by Oliviero Toscani and Paolo Crepet, together with Marco Morosini and Settimio Benedusi
  • Photo shoot
  • Portfolio reading (If the participant wishes to present his portfolio to his reading during the workshop, it must be returned by 20 February at masterclass@toscani.com, and bring along loaded on USB stickin JPG format)
  • Work discussions
  • Debate

At the end of the workshop you will receive a certificate of participation.


Participation in the workshop is open to everyone and is restricted to a limited number of participants

For the realization of the photo shoot and during the workshop, the participant will have to use your own photo professional or amateur digital device. Is advisable to provide waterproofs equipment in bad weather.

Participation fee

1.000 Euros (including VAT) – 15% discount for under 24.

This fee include two light lunches and one dinner.